We provided all types of solutions for the MI marijuana industries.  Buying, selling, real estate investing, leasing, corporate M&A,  equity investing.  Talks to us on your needs.

Business purchasing

We have extensive network of dispensary owners, operating or just license with a real estate.  We'll find you the location you're looking for.

Business selling

We can help you sell the business discretely through our network of buyers including local individual, group, medium to large US and Canadian corporation.  Buyers are qualified financially and ready to purchase any open/unopened city licensed dispensary or growing facility.

Real estate investing

You don't have to operate a dispensary or growing facility to get into the industry.  

You can purchase a growing facility, set it up and lease to grower at a high cap rate!  

We already have numerous tenants looking to lease 5000-20000 sf space for growing/processing.

Start-up consulting

New to the marijuana industry?

We can guide you thru the licensing, business purchasing, facility purchase, facility build-out, connect you to growing expert, dispensary operation expert, processing expert, lending consultation.

One stop solution for your need !

Corporate M & A

Looking to jump start your business buy acquiring existing company with operations.

We have a number of corporations that is willing to discuss the opportunity.

Equity investing

Looking to invest in the industry and looking for a right opportunity or company to invest?   You can invest money or real estate (as dispensary, growing location).

We have a number of individuals or company looking for an investor to start-up or grow their business.